Bet on the underdog team!

underdog team

Each weekend offers a lot of matches that look like paper forms. There are teams in the football market, such as Bayern Munich, Manchester City or Real Madrid. Opponents in the House of Commons usually have exceptionally high odds against them. Odds as high as 10.00 or even higher can occur. This can happen even if the underdog, i.e. the smaller and less likely team, is playing at home.

However, compared to how big the odds are for these outcomes, there are sometimes several surprises in one weekend. Like the draw bet, this betting strategy also requires preparation. You have to feel which big team will drop the 2 or 3 points on the weekend.

It is also worth doing background work on the suspended and injured members of the given team. It never hurts to analyze the forms of the teams, to see how many times in the past the given small team stole points from the giant. Usually, if the bigger team has a Champions League match after that weekend, it’s easy for the big guys to rest for that. In such cases, they tend to take the weekend league match lightly, because their minds are already elsewhere.

During the national team breaks, for example, the smaller teams are much more united, they can prepare better for the match than the favorite. This is partly due to the fact that the players of the bigger teams could be on up to 4 different continents a few days earlier. Also, it usually gives an extra boost if a team escapes from relegation. This usually overrides the odds, especially towards the end of the season when the bigger team has already secured the title.

Live betting strategy

underdog team

Live betting requires a different approach than pre-match betting. A live bet must often be placed in seconds. In such cases, it is necessary to decide in a fraction of a second whether the given event will occur or not. It’s worth following the events in front of the screen, but browsing the statistics is also essential.

We therefore recommend that you follow the match on which you have placed a live bet or are planning to in some form. As you become more and more experienced, you will know when it is worth waiting during the match to bet in order to get the best possible odds for your tip. We recommend live betting mainly to more experienced players, as you need to completely adjust your brain to it.

Live betting bonus tip

underdog team

Many sports betting portals offer their customers such a bonus that if they place a bet before a match, they will be entitled to a bonus for the same match. The amount of the bonus is the same as the stake of the pre-match bet, so it will be a fixed stake betting strategy. There are two options after that. If we are very sure of the pre-match tip, we can bet on it live right after the match starts.

This way we will have two bets on the same event, one of them for free. And if we want to insure ourselves, we have to place a live bet on the exact opposite of the outcome of our bet before the match. With this, we can even realize a profit, but we can definitely reduce the loss. This can be used effectively especially for doubtful events.

Responsible gaming

We can’t go without mentioning responsible gaming. Even with the best-looking strategy, there may be ups and downs, and it doesn’t matter how much it wears on you. If you only risk as much money during sports betting as your “play money” so to speak, then that’s fine. Never let sports betting affect your life circumstances. If you need help, do not hesitate to visit the appropriate pages, where they will help you right away. Let the game remain a game in any case!

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