Arbitrage betting — If you don’t want to leave it to chance

Arbitrage betting

The Arbitrage betting strategy is also a common method here. You are probably aware that the odds vary from one sports betting site to another. For an event, one service provider may offer significantly different odds than another. This is due to the fact that bookmakers determine the odds based on other criteria.

Your task is to find which of the two portals has the biggest difference between the odds of each outcome. Let’s take a tennis match as an example, where there can be two outcomes: either player “A” wins, or player “B” wins. On page X, there is a 2.30 multiplier for player “A”, while for player “B” it is 1.90.

However, you find a Y page where “A” has a multiplier of 1.90 and “B” has a multiplier of 2.30. Why is this good for us? If you bet on the victory of “A” for 1,000 forints on page X and the victory of B on page Y with the same bet, you will definitely win, since you have covered both possible outcomes. Your total bet will be HUF 2,000, but you won HUF 2,300 because of the 2.30 multiplier. The bigger the bet, the bigger the prize. Free money, right?

It is important to state that there are conditions for using the Arbitrage betting strategy. You must have an account with several bookies, at least 6-7 bookmakers at the same time. These accounts must also have a balance in order to bet. In addition, you have to spend a lot of time comparing the odds, and it may easily happen that you rarely find options as favorable as those presented in the example above.

Bet on a draw

Arbitrage betting

Many people believe that betting on X, i.e. a draw, is gambling. However, it is worth examining the possibilities of this sports betting strategy as well. Take one of the most popular sports, soccer. If we look at the odds for football matches, sports betting sites usually offer odds above 3.00 for draws.

If we look purely at the chances, there is a 33% chance for this outcome as well as a home or away win. Although this is not so black and white, as in reality there are not as many draws as the other two options. Even so, 25-30 percent of football matches end in a draw. In addition, you can combine betting on a draw with other betting strategies.

For example, if you always double the bet, you can have a huge profit in the case of a winning tip, since for ties, as we wrote, there is usually a multiplier above 3.00. It may be worth looking at several draws for the weekend, also with odds above 3.00. Choose three of these and place a one-way bet on them with the same tip. If one comes in, you’ll be in the red. Of course, you can’t make a draw bet on your stomach.

In other words, it is possible, but not worth it. It is recommended to hide the statistics, look at the home and away performance of the teams, as well as the missing players, so that we can predict what they will do with each other on the field. This requires experience, and of course a lot of invested time. Because of the odds, we think it’s worth dealing with the draw strategy, especially if you like statistics.

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