The Most Interesting Slot Features

Slot Features

The freshness and innovations of our time can be felt most on slot machines. Below, we have collected a few key slot machine functions and their operating principle for you , which will surely help you understand the bonuses that sometimes seem twisted.

Free Play – Free Spins

Free Play is the most popular type of bonus, both within slot machines and among the promotional opportunities offered by online casinos.

You can earn Free Spins in 2 ways :

You use an Online Casino Promotion that offers a certain number of Free Spins as a Welcome Bonus or other offer.

Win it during your slot game , by landing special symbols on your reels. This option is activated immediately.

The most profitable rounds are usually created during the Free Game , as the chance of the presence of Special symbols increases in the Bonus rounds, and you can spin for real cash prizes for free without a bet.

The bonus options that casinos offer are a great potential for gaming machines, this may not need further explanation. However, I would like to touch on this a bit, because many people enter the world of online gambling without paying much attention to bonuses and promotions. However, the best casinos actually offer options that don’t come with impossible wagering requirements, giving you chances to increase your winnings .

In addition, free play and free spins are available in online casinos to an extent and quantity that the gaming machines in offline, land-based casinos cannot make available to you. This is also why I consider it important as a player to take advantage of the opportunities offered by bonuses .

I also consider it crucial that if we want to immerse ourselves in the world of gaming machines, and let’s say we have already taken advantage of the welcome bonuses, then we should continue to pay attention to the offers and novelties of the given casino, because in many cases there are weekly promotions for existing players, with which also you can get a significant number of free spins.


The Tumble mechanic has already been mentioned, but it is worth mentioning in this chapter.

Hand in hand with Megaways slots comes this great feature, which removes winning combinations from your playing surface to drop more icons into the empty fields .

With this option, you can get extra winning connections without additional spins , which greatly increase the chance of achieving a high prize.

This mechanic is active as long as there are winning symbol combinations on your reels, and the value of the winnings is collected until the process ends.

Special Symbols

Slot Features


The Scatter is the symbol that usually triggers the Free Game, i.e. the Free Spins Bonus on the slot machine. Landing 3+ Scatters on your reels rewards you with quite a few Extra Free Spins.


The Wild icon plays the role of the Joker on the online slot machine, i.e. it replaces all other paying symbols. Several types appear in the games, they can be:

  • Sticky Wild : Sticks on the reel between spins
  • Expanding Wild : They extend and cover an entire reel
  • Stacked Wild : Which covers a stacking Wild symbol

There are also cases when the Wild includes certain multiplier values , and there are also games where this symbol activates the Free Spins.

Mystery symbol:

The Mystery symbol is a mysterious segment of slot games. This icon on your reels can transform low-value paying symbols into symbols that promise higher payouts in a given number of pieces.

Bonus symbol:

Landing a certain number of Bonus symbols on your reels will trigger an extra Bonus Game  on most nights .

Be aware of all possibilities!

Slot Features

It’s often the case that people jump into the game without a clue of what symbols are good for – the same is true of slot machine features. In the long run, however, it is not possible to play effectively and successfully if you only know this much, these are spinning games.

Although we know that these are absolute games of chance , so our winnings depend on luck and chance, knowing the functions and symbols and using them correctly can be of great help and increase our chances of winning.

Don’t make the mistakes of others and be aware of all the possibilities of spinning games. Don’t worry, no one expects you to memorize everything right away. You can return to this summary at any time . Give yourself and the games time to get to know and become friends with them.

For this, I advise you to play with minimum stakes at first , and only then go into bolder risks – within your limits , of course – after you feel that you know without thinking what the pop-up symbol is, and you can easily recognize the mechanics of the one in front of you. game in.

Remember, our guide will be here later too, so if you ever get confused while playing , you can come back to us, and, as you know, you can try out many of our games for free.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game function is a rather broad concept , which includes very exciting and unique solutions . Every night you can be sure that the activation of the bonus function will only benefit you.

What exactly can it contain? Among other things:

Jackpot game, Lottery, Risky bets

You can unlock this function most often with the arrival of the Bonus symbol , in most cases 3 of them are required.


The presence of Multiplier values ​​in the slot game gives your winnings a huge boost . There are gaming machines where this value is quite minimal, a 2x brain is only 2x, but with some high volatility gems this limit can go up to a multiplier value of 500x or even more.

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