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Legal online casinos – 2023

Nowadays, we can gamble online on many sites, which is good on the one hand, since there are many service providers competing for our favors. The operators bid on each other to offer bigger and bigger bonuses and countless favorable promotions to both new and existing customers.

The person who wants to play can choose from a huge variety, which, however, has its downside. In the confusion of abundance, it is easy to stray to a site that is not safe or does not work legally. By doing so, we can put our gambling money and personal data at risk. Choosing legal online casinos is an extremely important aspect. We need to know the most basic parameters on which legal online casinos operate. This way we will be able to distinguish them from untrusted sites.

Our article below will help you in this, as we have gathered here the most important characteristics of legal online casinos. First of all, what kind of casino is considered legal today will be presented. We will also talk about how you can choose the legal online casino from the almost bewilderingly large range. Read on to get the full picture and be sure to choose a legal online casino to play at!

The situation of legal online casinos

Legal online casinos

Let’s start with a little historical overview. The history of casinos until the 19th century. they date back to the century. The first casino was founded by István Széchenyi in 1830, which was called the National Casino. At that time, it was mainly considered the center of cultural life and operated on a membership basis.

Today’s modern casinos appeared after the regime change. Over the long decades, the monopoly situation that still characterizes the market has developed. It has always been considered a game for the rich, so this corner of gambling reached a wider circle only with the appearance of online casinos. However, this turned everything upside down.

Current regulation

Due to the strong state influence, the regulation is quite strict. According to the law, only those who also physically establish a casino in the traditional form can establish a legal online casino. This law makes it quite difficult for foreign service providers to operate. It is important to mention that the legislation, although it is in force, does not comply with EU laws.

This means that there are service providers and foreign language service providers. Foreign language service providers also comply with EU regulations, so they can officially operate. These are usually licensed in Malta or Curacao. Therefore, as long is an EU member, foreign legal online casinos can also operate in the country.

Now can I register on a foreign site or not?

Legal online casinos

Yes. Regulations specifically prohibit the organization of gambling, so it applies to the operators of the site. Not for the players. By the way, these sites are perfectly compliant with EU law, so you don’t have to worry even if you want to open an account in a foreign, language legal online casino.

The issue of taxation

As with sports betting, you do not have to pay tax on your winnings at the casino if you play with a licensed service provider. On the other hand, in the case of foreign sites, where only the sites have an EU license and not a one, you are obliged to pay the tax to the coffers of the state.

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