Online Slots Misconceptions

Slots Misconceptions

Unfortunately, we experience with increasing frequency with the staff of DeluxeCasinoBonus that the beliefs and superstitions surrounding gambling, including online slot machines, are increasingly penetrating the human mind, wrongly!

 In our next article, we have collected for you the misconceptions that we most often hear spread by word of mouth among players. In any case, we want to remove the veil from these incorrect ideas and pour clean water into the glass, so that the truth takes over and the rumors can be swept aside once and for all. In 5 points, we have gathered an explanation for your possible doubts.

Only smaller prizes are possible after the jackpot

This line of thought is closely related to the previous chapter and the explanation is the same. So there is an infinite number of variations possible regarding the frequency of Jackpot winnings appearing, i.e. it is possible that you win several Jackpot prizes in a row, but it can also happen that it hides from you for long periods of time.

The 96% RTP value refers to my own gameplay

Slots Misconceptions

While it is true that the 96% RTP rate applies to the stakes, it is understood globally, not covering one or two game sessions. The return of the money to the player is calculated from a large number of spins. Before this information depresses you, consider that one day your bet will fail, but the next day – someone else’s invested money can fall into your lap and return up to 10,000% of your profit. This is the benchmark in gambling. If it had not been developed in this way, it would not have such a huge target audience and the game full of excitement would become a boring, predictable equation.

I can only win the Jackpot with a maximum bet

There is some truth in this, but thanks to a modern development, the best of the most modern slot machines can no longer be tied to such conditions. In the past, it was a well-established custom that you could only apply for the Jackpot with the maximum bet, but today you can win the huge Jackpot with any bet amount. Exploiting this opportunity, many players become hunters of this type of game, which is understandable, because who does not want to pocket huge prizes with a minimal amount of bets?!

It is good to be aware that slot machines with older versions did not disappear from the gambling market following the innovation, so check the Jackpot prize conditions in the game description every time.

Payouts can be broken down by time of day

We can relax in our chairs, since RNG is not an artificial intelligence that knows when it is, what time of day it is, what time it is, what year and season it is, and I could list this slightly exaggerated joke.

Don’t fall for these baseless rumours. the RNG (random number generator) was created with exactly such parameters that it does not know them. Don’t forget, it was already mentioned at the beginning of the article that all of this is subjected to serious checks within the framework of tests by independent agencies.

I have less chance of winning with online casino bonuses

Slots Misconceptions

This misconception has crept into the minds of many, but we will work to restore trust between casinos and players.

There is no such deep level of connection between the RNG software that controls the slot machine and the online casinos. I mean, the slot machine does not receive data such as where the amount deposited as a bet actually came from. It’s much simpler than that! Money is just money to them, whoever pays for it. I can prove this to you in the simplest way with an example that happened in the past and it is about a player winning the Mega Moolah Jackpot from the Welcome Bonuses Free Spins offered by the online casino.

The closing of the legends of gambling

On behalf of our team, I can say that we have hopefully managed to clear up misunderstandings and draw your attention to where and how it is worth looking up important information, as well as when a little research in the realm of online casinos and game developers is unavoidable in order to avoid disappointment.

It is important for us to provide our players with real information free of advertising, so a description of this kind is ripe for avoiding bad decision-making generated by delusions.

The most important thing, therefore, is to never forget to check that online casinos and game developers have this internationally recognized official license, otherwise there is not only reason for suspicion, but disappointment is also guaranteed. Such online platforms should be avoided from a good distance.

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