A group of people sharing their ideas.

We know patient-oriented research is important.

A person naming a priority, that leads to a happy moment for them.

But how do we do it?


And how can we do it better?

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The Methods Clusters

Studying the Methods of Patient-Oriented Research

In 2016, the BC SUPPORT Unit funded a five-year initiative to study the methods of patient-oriented research: the “Methods Clusters”.

We started our work by listening to stakeholders—including patients, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners.

A group of people naming priorities.

patients – researchers – policy makers – practitioners

Creating the Clusters

Together, we identified 6 areas where more methods research was most important. These became the 6 Clusters:

Click on each cluster to learn more.

Infographic: 35 priorities inform 42 projects and 6 clusters; 6 clusters fund 42 projects which address 35 priorities.

Identifying Priorities

Each Cluster consulted stakeholders to discuss their priorities for patient-oriented research.

35 priorities surfaced.

To address these priorities, the Clusters funded 42 different projects.

Studying & Doing

All of our projects are patient-oriented.

We study patient-oriented research by doing patient-oriented research.

Dive in to Patient Engagement

Curious how different Methods Cluster projects engaged patients? Check out our Patient Engagement Road Map!

Patient-Oriented Research...

engages patients as partners

focuses on patient-identified priorities to improve patient-centred outcomes

a team

is conducted by multidisciplinary teams in partnership with relevant stakeholders

image: arrow going in to hospital

aims to apply knowledge to improve care

Latest Updates

Methods Matters Webinars

What are the experiences of healthcare providers applying patient-centered measures in care? What can decision makers do to help?

This webinar will discuss a resource guide answering these questions, as well as the barriers and facilitators to implementation.

Plain Language Guide

At the BC SUPPORT Unit, we’re serious about accessibility, and that starts with our words.

This interactive guide walks you through the plain language process, providing tools, resources, and best practices.

Are you ready to write?

Methods Section Blog

What is patient-centred measurement? How do we improve it? Why is improvement important—and what, exactly, do we need to improve?

The Patient-Centred Measurement Methods Cluster’s work studied these questions, guided by the people most affected by this work: patients.