Predictive Modelling of Healthcare Utilization Using InterRAI Data in Community and Long-Term Care

Project Summary

In our project, “Predictive Modelling of Healthcare Utilization” (POPMHU), we tried to predict how people will use the health care system in Northern and Interior British Columbia.

To do this, we used:

  • advanced data science methods, specifically:
    • machine learning
    • computational modelling
    • visual analytics
  • interRAI data
    • InterRAI tools are assessments used to record clients’ experiences and health care needs. They are used across Canada and in dozens of countries worldwide.
    • Specifically, interRAI assessments focus on people with chronic illness or disabilities.
    • There are also tools for multiple health care sectors. For example, interRAI tools could be used to assess a client’s use of mental health services and personal assistance services.
    • Often, patients assessed using interRAI are older persons. Older persons’ experiences, and the experiences of people who support them, are a central focus of our project.


We wanted to:

  • Predict clients’ movement across the continuum of care (e.g., from community care to long-term care or vice versa).
  • Identify how we can use new computer tools (e.g., machine learning, integrative modelling) with existing healthcare systems, priorities, and processes. We are also exploring the best ways to engage patient partners in machine learning research.
  • Develop capacity for machine learning work in Northern and Interior BC. To assist in team collaboration, we have created a POPMHU project wiki.

Together with patient partners, researchers, trainees, decision-makers, and health systems experts, we collaborated to use machine learning analysis techniques in new ways to answer questions of interest. We developed new communication methods, approached our research activities in new and unique ways, and created visual ways to communicate our findings in ways that are user friendly.


October 4, 2021: IFIC (International Foundation for Integrated Care) NACIC2021 – 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care, Toronto, Canada

October 22, 2021: CAG (Canadian Association on Gerontology) 2021 conference

October 29, 2021, IEEE 12th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON) 

December 8, 2021: Northern Health Research Conference


Our team presented at the 2020 BC SUPPORT Unit’s Putting Patients First conference. Runtime: 11:23

This project is part of the Data Science and Health Informatics Cluster.


Dr. Shannon Freeman, co-PI
Dr. Piper Jackson, co-PI ✉︎
Dr. Waqar Haque, co-I
Brent Baker
Grace Kramer
Susan Prior
Carl Zanon
David Watts
Alanna Koopmans
Lila Mansour
Alexander Kitsul
Isayha Raposo
Jordan Ho
Gavin Howard
Giridhar Krishnan
Navjot Kaur
Michael Fayemiwo
Robin Teotia